Burn Bans, Permits and Open Air Burning

Burn Permits are now available online! Obtain your burn permit online through our website:

Obtain a Burn Permit

**Please note that Burn Permits are now $15.00.**

Burn permits can still be obtained in person at 99-A Advance Avenue, between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.

Burning is currently permitted in accordance with the Open Air Burning By-Law.

Burn Permit Information
  • Residents require a burn permit for all open-air fires. Burn permits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. The fee to obtain a burn permit is $15.00.
  • Permit holders must call 1-833-411-8482 each time they are having a fire to activate their permit.

Fire Risk Levels:

Fires do not readily start and fires that do start spread slowly with low resistance to control. There is little danger of fire spotting (embers being carried by the wind that could start new fires). 
Fire can start by most accidental causes, but the number of fires being started is generally low. Fires burn at moderate intensities.  
Fires start easily from most causes. Unattended brush fires and campfires are likely to escape. Fire spreads rapidly and short-distance fire spotting is common. 
Very High 
Fires starts readily and spread quickly. Spot fires are a constant danger and fire behaviour is often erratic.
Fires start and spread quickly and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious or disastrous.  
Campfire/Outdoor Fireplace
A "campfire" is an open-air fire where the material to be burned does not exceed 60 cm in height and 60 cm (2 feet) in width, that is set and maintained solely for the purposes of cooking food, providing warmth and recreational enjoyment.

An "outdoor fireplace" is a manufactured, non-combustible, enclosed container designed to hold a small fire for decorative purposes, and includes but is not limited to a chimenea.

Fire must be no less than 5 meters (16 feet) away from any building, hedge, fence, overhead wiring, or other combustible material or highway.

Brush Fire

A "brush fire" is an open-air fire where the material to be burned does not exceed 3 meters in height, width and length, and where open air fire is set and maintained solely for the purpose of burning wood, tree limbs and branches.

Fire must be no less than 30 meters (98 feet) from any building, hedge, fence, overhead wiring, or other combustible material or highway.

 Agricultural Fire

An "agricultural fire" is an open-air fire where the materials to be burned do not exceed 6 meters in height, width, and length, and where the fire is set solely for the purpose of burning wood, tree limbs and branches as a part of normal farm practices for clearing agricultural land.

Fire must be no less than 90 meters (295 feet) from any building, hedge, fence, overhead wiring, or other combustible material or highway.


For questions about fireworks, please contact Emergency Services at 613-354-3351. Please view the Town's Fireworks By-law for more information on the regulations of fireworks.
Please note: This Fireworks By-law document has been copied from its original format to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. This document is not meant to be relied on as the original copy. Any member of the public that requires a copy of the original by-law may request one through the Town Clerk


What is the Difference between a Total Burn Ban and a Partial Burn Ban?

Total Burn Ban:

The Town of Greater Napanee has an annual Total Burn Ban in place from April 1 – May 15. A Total Burn Ban prohibits lighting any fires in open air and prohibits any activities that may start a fire, i.e. setting off fireworks. All fires are potentially dangerous.
Any residents not adhering to the Total Burn Ban could face fines up to $200.00 plus liability for the cost of Emergency Services to extinguish a fire that is out of control. 

Partial Burn Ban:

A Partial Burn Ban allows residents to light and maintain a campfire of no more than 60 cm in width by 60 cm in height, used for cooking, warmth and/or recreational enjoyment.

Open-air burning is only permitted two (2) hours before sunset until two (2) hours after sunrise. 

 Why is there an Annual Total Burn Ban in Effect for Greater Napanee from April 1 - May 15?
Putting a Total Burn Ban in place allows for spring vegetation to blossom, while also minimizing the unnecessary burden that grass and brush fires place on Emergency Services resources, and ultimately Greater Napanee taxpayers.


Residents of Greater Napanee are asked to keep in mind that although the ground may be wet, there are many factors for enforcing a Burn Ban. Greater Napanee Fire Services have mutual aid partners that stretch from Belleville to Kingston, and from Lake Ontario to Renfrew County. Some of these partners have large areas of Crown Land which is governed by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) who consider many natural and physical factors to determine fire risk and severity. Some of these factors may include operational risks, fire risks, Lean ‘ON’ and Leaf ‘OFF’, Fuel Group 1-5 (deciduous vs coniferous), Control Techniques and a cross reference in Fire Risks vs Fire Intensity.


The Annual Total Burn Ban came into effect in 2016, and since then, the annual calls for out-of-control fires have reduced significantly compared to 2014 and 2015 when there was no Total Burn Ban in place. 

How many smoke alarms do I need?

 IT'S THE LAW. You need a working smoke alarm on every floor of your home and outside every sleeping area.

Persons found not having a working smoke alarm on every floor level may be fined and/or prosecuted under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

For more information contact the Greater Napanee Emergency Services at 613-354-3351.

Do I need a carbon monoxide alarm?

Carbon monoxide alarms are required to be outside of the sleeping areas when you have a fuel burning appliance, a fireplace, or an attached garage.

How do I arrange for a fire inspection of my home or business?

Please contact the Fire Prevention Officer at 613-856-2239 to arrange for an inspection. Inspections are provided at the rate of $75.00 per hour.

Inspections may be scheduled when required for liquor license application, day care operation, or home/retail business operation

How do I schedule a tour of the fire hall?

To arrange a tour, contact Greater Napanee Emergency Services 613-354-3351, between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Why can't I park in a designated fire route?

Parking in a fire route is a violation of the Municipal Parking By-law, and it subject to a $75.00 fine. Parking in a fire route may slow emergency services from aiding someone in need, or from protecting property.

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