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Street Naming

Streets are named under Policy GE-2024-01 as approved by Town Council. Any person can use the Name Bank Submission Form to propose a name for consideration on future streets within Greater Napanee. The criteria that are used to select street names are detailed within the Street Naming Policy.

Name Bank Submission Form

Existing Street Names in Greater Napanee

A listing of all current street names within Greater Napanee is provided below. New names must be distinct from existing names to assist with navigation. You can review the list to ensure you are not requesting a name that has already been allocated to a street.

Current Street Names

Street Name Inventory

The street name inventory is a collection of names that have been submitted and approved for use and are currently waiting for allocation to new streets within Greater Napanee. The inventory is currently being rebuilt and the Town is actively seeking proposals for new street names. As new names are approved, they will be posted here to avoid duplicating requests.

What types of street names are accepted?

Proposed street names should strengthen neighborhood identity and reflect positive community character. Names are generally accepted within the following categories:

Local history, landmarks, events and culture:

We accept names that commemorate local settler or indigenous history, including specific events, landmarks, or cultural markers.

Local flora, fauna, or natural features:

Proposed names may reflect natural features, scenic attractions, or local flora and fauna.

Prominent location, individual, or theme within the local history:

We accept names that recognize individuals, families, local businesses, historical events, and important locations to the history of the Town of Greater Napanee and its former municipalities. A brief summary of the relevant history should be included with the name submission, and will be referred to the Heritage Committee for verification.  

Honoring outstanding local individuals:

This category may include residents who have contributed to the well-being of the Town or its residents through acts of valor, community involvement, significant sport or cultural achievements, etc. As a general rule, consent of the individual’s family should be obtained and full names of living people will not be considered.

Streets named after veterans may include a poppy symbol on the street sign blade. If the proposed street name is to commemorate a veteran, please indicate this information on the submission form.

What types of street names are not accepted?

Street names will not be considered if they:

  • May cause confusion because they duplicate or are too similar to existing names, both within Greater Napanee and directly adjacent municipalities;
  • May be interpreted as an advertisement;
  • Imply political affiliation;
  • Utilize inappropriate humour;
  • Are discriminatory; or
  • Include the full name of a living individual.

How is a new street named?

Proposed street names are presented to Council and, if approved, are added to the Street Name Inventory. When the Town builds new roads, names will be selected from the Inventory. When a private developer builds new roads through a new subdivision, they will be asked to select a percentage of the street names from the Inventory, but may also propose an alternate naming theme for the entire subdivision.

How long does it take an approved street name to be allocated to a new street?

It depends on how quickly new streets are built, and how large the potential pool of names is by comparison. If there is a special anniversary or reason to expedite the naming of a specific street name, the Street Naming Policy allows Council to request that certain names be identified as high priority for selection.

For information in alternate formats, please contact Hollie Knapp-Fisher

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