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Industrial Community Improvement Plan

The purpose of the Industrial Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is to attract or retain industrial businesses and to encourage investment or reinvestment in the industrial sector through redevelopment of the industrial land base in the municipality. The key to sustainable growth and economic vitality lays in thoughtful planning and transformation of spaces. By strategically reimagining and revitalizing land, this CIP aims to create an environment that meets the needs of residents and becomes a beacon for investors seeking opportunities. It aims to:
  • Acknowledge that development and servicing costs of the Town’s undeveloped industrial lands are significant;
  • Level the playing field for undeveloped industrial lands by creating a grant structure to offset development and redevelopment costs; and
  • To take advantage of existing private and public infrastructure.

The CIP operates on the principle of repurposing and revitalizing the community through strategic planning. It aims to generate employment and boost the local economy. The CIP involves providing short-term public funding assistance, thereby mitigating upfront capital costs for projects that contribute to the comprehensive redevelopment of our community. By offering this support and repurposing existing spaces, these incentives aim to foster a vibrant atmosphere that captivates investors, businesses, and residents alike.

This plan also contributes to the Town’s goals to capitalize on its industrial roots, improve its tax base and employment rates, and meet the objectives of Provincial Planning Policy as well as the policies of the Town of Greater Napanee and County’s Official Plans.

The Plan can be found at the link below:

Industrial Community Improvement Plan

By-law to Adopt an Industrial Community Improvement Plan 

By-law to Designate the Municipality as a Community Improvement Project Area 

How to Apply

An application form must be submitted together with all required supporting documentation to the Planning Department.

To begin your application, please contact the Planning Department for further assistance.

For information in alternate formats, please contact Hollie Knapp-Fisher

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