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Building Permits

Greater Napanee's Development Services will assist with all Building Permit Applications.

Applications for a Permit to Construct (Sewage System Applications not included) can be submitted by;


  • To: Town of Greater Napanee Building Department, 99-A Advance Avenue, Napanee, ON K7R 3Y5 by mail or in person.

NOTE: Due to the high volume of applications and related inquiries received daily, we are unable to save or track incomplete applications. We ask that all applications be submitted in their entirety, accompanied by required documentation once collected.

General Building Permit 

General Building Permit Application Form

You must fill out a General Building Permit Application before doing any of the following:

  • Construct a new shed accessory to a dwelling over 15 square metres (160 sq. ft.)
  • Construct a new building over 10 square metres (108 sq. ft.) that is not considered a shed accessory to a dwelling
  • Replace an existing deck or add a roof to an existing deck
  • Renovate, repair or add to any building including porches, decks and garages
  • Change a building's use (e.g. warehouse to banquet facility)
  • Install, change or remove load-bearing walls (structural work)
  • Make new openings for or enlarge existing doors and windows
  • Build a garage, balcony, deck, roof or enclose an existing deck
  • Work completed on a foundation and drainage system
  • Install or modify and life safety or fire suppression system, such as fire alarms, sprinkler or standpipe or fixed extinguishing systems
  • Install or modify heating, plumbing, air conditioning systems, fireplaces, fireplace inserts and woodstoves
  • Install or renovate plumbing
  • Construct or reconstruct a chimney
  • Finish a basement or convert a room into a bedroom
  • Erect temporary buildings (including tents over 60 square metres)
  • Solar panels attached to a roof 
  • Installation of insultation and/or vapour barrier

Deck Permit 

Deck Permit Application Form 

You must fill out a Deck Permit Application before doing any of the following:

  • Construct a new deck attached to a house
  • Construct a free-standing deck that exceeds 10 square metres (108 sq. ft.)
  • Replace an existing deck
  • Addition to an existing deck 

Demolition Permit

Demolition Permit Application Form 

You must fill out a Demolition Permit Application before doing any of the following:

  • Demolition of a building 

Dwelling Permit

Dwelling Permit Application Form 

You must fill out a Dwelling Permit Application before doing any of the following: 

  • Construct a dwelling
  • Construct an addition to an existing dwelling

Soil Gas Mitigation Strategy Information and Declaration Form

Tarion Warranty: New homes in Ontario come with a new home warranty that is provided by your builder and backed by Tarion. This warranty also covers excessive radon gas levels in new homes for seven years from the date of occupancy.

Sign Permit

Sign Permit Application Form 

You must fill out a Sign Permit Application (Sign By-law) before doing any of the following:

  • Erect a sign (including mobile) 

Swimming Pool Permit 

Swimming Pool Permit Application Form 

You must fill out a Swimming Pool Permit Application before doing any of the following:

  • Install an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool 

Tent Permit

Tent Permit Application Form

A tent or group of tents would be exempt from requiring a building permit if the following conditions are met:

  1. Not more than 60 square meters in aggregate ground area (single tent or group of tents closer than 3 metres to each other), and
  2. Not attached to a building, and
  3. Constructed more than 3 meters from other structures.

Sewage System Permits

For more information, please see our Septic and Wells page.


  • Construction of a building under 160 ft2 (15 m2), that does not qualify to be considered as a shed identified below. Such building however must also comply with zoning setbacks, lot coverage permissions and setbacks to sewage systems.
  • A shed that meets the below criteria, however must also comply with zoning setback, lot coverage provisions and setbacks to sewage systems:
    • is not more than 15 m2 in gross area;
    • is not more than one storey in building height;
    • is not attached to a building or any other structure;
    • is used only for storage purposes ancillary to a principal building on the lot; and
    • does not have plumbing.
  • Re-shingle a roof, provided there is no structural work
  • Paint or decorate
  • Reinstall/replace kitchen or bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • Landscape or resurface/construct sidewalks and driveways
  • Replacing plumbing fixtures (plumbing locations are not being moved)
  • Construction of a tent not more than 60 square metres. Such tent cannot be attached to a building and must be located more than 3m from other structures

Under the Ontario Building Code, homeowners can design most projects for their own personal homes. Owners of rentals, commercial properties or other classifications must hire an appropriate designer or design team for their project. Should owners decide to design their own projects, they should have a solid concept of building construction.

Under the Ontario Building Code, building projects require qualified professional designers to take responsibility for their designs. Designers are responsible for meeting Ontario Building Code requirements and ensuring that all designs comply with all necessary regulations.

Designers are qualified by the Ministry of Housing and issued a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). These designers are qualified only for the examinations that they have successfully completed.

Architects and Engineers are required for larger projects, construction outside the scope of the OBC, renovations and additions to larger buildings and certain occupancy classes.

Establishing a complete and qualified design team is crucial for ensuring the success of your project.

An inspector requires a minimum of 48 hours' notice to book an inspection. Please contact the Building Inspector assigned to your permit file to book an inspection. NOTE: inspections must be confirmed with the inspector by phone call or email, text messaging will not be accepted for booking of inspections. 

A building inspector reviews projects during different stages of construction to ensure work complies with the Ontario Building Code and the plans originally submitted with the building permit application. The inspector may visit a site several times depending on the project. They must be able to see the work that requires the inspection. All inspections needed for your building project will be marked on the backside of your Building Permit.

The Building Code Act, 1992, governs the construction, renovation, change of use, and demolition of buildings. It also provides specific powers for inspectors and rules for the inspection of buildings, and allows municipalities to establish property standard by-laws.

The Ontario Building Code is a regulation made under the Building Code Act. It focuses primarily on ensuring public safety in newly constructed buildings, but also supports the government's commitments to energy conservation, barrier-free accessibility and economic development. It also:

  • sets out objectives and requirements for new construction
  • does not provide standards for existing buildings, except for small on-site sewage systems
  • establishes the qualification and registration requirements in Ontario for certain building practitioners


NOTE: Please submit all the required information (includes Building Permit Application and any additional documents) at the same time. If you do not submit all required materials, your application may be refused.

All construction must comply with zoning requirements, regardless of the need to obtain a building permit (e.g. 90 sq.ft. building would still need to meet the minimum property setback requirement). This information can be obtained by completing a Zoning Information Request Form.

Apply for a permit at 99 Advance Ave. 

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