Zoning & Building Compliance Report

A Zoning & Building Compliance Report provides details on active building permits, violations, work orders and zone(s) that may apply to a property. This report is often beneficial prior to a property transfer, generally requested by the solicitor for the purchaser. A Zoning & Building Compliance Report does not verify the lawful use of a property or compliance with the Zoning By-law.

Please be advised that an application for a Zoning & Building Compliance Report may only be submitted by the following individuals:

  • Owner
  • Mortgagee
  • Solicitor for the Purchaser

If you are not one of these individuals, you may be eligible to obtain information through a Freedom of Information request by contacting the Clerk's department.

Requests can be made by completing an Application for a Zoning & Building Compliance Report.

If you are requesting a report for more than one property, each property must be requested separately and with applicable fees. Written requests for a Zoning & Building Compliance Report must contain the following information:

  • Name and contact information of agency requesting information
  • Address and legal description of property
  • Current property owner
  • Closing date
  • Required date
  • Reason for request

Fee: $150.00 (no tax) per request, payable by cheque, cash or debit (credit cards not accepted).
Processing time: Please allow approximately 10 business days for a response.


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