Paid On-Call Firefighting

Applications are welcomed at any time. Recruit classes are currently being held on an annual basis.

Please see our Paid On-Call Firefighter Application form to complete an application online:

Paid On-Call Firefighter Application


  • Must possess a valid Ontario driver's license, minimum class G, and the ability to obtain a class D license with a Z endorsement;
  • Must pass minimum standard for driver abstract;
  • Must have a grade 12 diploma and be a minimum of 18 years of age;
  • Must submit a current criminal background check (CPIC);
  • Must complete a department physical and be in good health;
  • Must live or work within a short distance of one of our stations

 Hiring Process


Stage 1 - Application

All applicants are required to complete and submit an application and resume. Resumes can be submitted online or in person.

All eligible candidates will be considered; preference will be given based on:

  • Education, qualification and employment history
  • How close the applicant lives to one of our stations
  • If the person is employed near one of our stations and is permitted to leave work to attend incidents

A select number of applicants will proceed to Stage 2

Stage 2 - Open House

Greater Napanee Emergency Services offers an open house for potential candidates and their families. It's an opportunity to come and learn about the fire department, our recruit program, our roles as firefighters, and the commitment required from the candidate and their families. We also provide tours of our station, trucks and equipment

We start the open house with a welcoming address from one of our Chief Officers who talks about our Municipality and our department. One of our volunteers will also talk about what its like to be a firefighter and the commitment it takes to be successful. The candidate and their family will have opportunities to ask questions.

We will provide a demonstration of our physical agility testing so candidates can see what is expected of them for the practical testing, and the types of tasks they may be asked to perform on the fire ground.

This is an opportunity to get a better understanding of our expectations of the candidate. It's also a good chance for the persons' family to see what is expected of them and how it could affect home life because of the level off commitment required.

Stage 3 - Interview and Written Test

Interviews will be conducted by a panel that could consist of Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief and Training Officer. The interview will consist of 8-10 questions. The questions are not directly related to firefighting skills.

Candidates will also be given a short aptitude test. You do not require prior firefighting knowledge or experience to pass the aptitude test.

Successful candidates will proceed to Stage 4

Stage 4 - Agility Testing

Candidates who successfully complete Stage 3 will be invited to participate in our physical agility testing. The testing simulates critical tasks firefighters may have to perform at emergency incidents. The testing is designed to ensure candidates have the ability to complete the duties required.

Eligibility List

GNES will run one firefighter recruitment process each year. We will then rank each candidate and create an eligibility list. When we run a recruit class, we will draw from our eligibility list to fill any vacancies.

County Recruit Program

Successful candidates selected from our eligibility list will participate in the L&A County Fire Recruit Program. Recruits must complete approximately 70 hours of training before they can respond to incidents. Our recruit program is based on NFPA 1001 Firefighter Level 1. Training takes place on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays over an 8-10 week period. Much of the theory work is completed via self-directed learning assignments. A review of the theory, followed by practical exercises takes place during the in-class sessions.

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