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Requests to the Mayor and Council

The Mayor is happy to send a Certificate of Congratulations to Town residents celebrating the following:

  • Birthdays - Individuals celebrating an 80th birthday and over
  • Anniversaries - Couples celebrating 50 year anniversaries and over 

Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance of the birthday or anniversary. Once the certificate has been completed, you will be contacted to pick it up at the Town of Greater Napanee Municipal Administration Centre located at 99-A Advance Avenue, Napanee.

Request a Congratulatory Certificate from the Mayor

Effective February 8, 2022, Council has adopted a revision to the Community Flags, Art Installations and Proclamations Policy to encourage additional methods to visually support proclaimed events.

If you wish to request a Proclamation, Flag Raising and/or corresponding visual installation within the Town of Greater Napanee, please fill out our Request a Proclamation and/or Flag Raising form

Community Celebrations, Proclamations, and Art Installations Policy 

Flag Protocol Policy 

Please note: requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days before the event to be proclaimed in order to accommodate Council meeting schedules. Requests for visual displays must be submitted a minimum of 60 days before the installation date in order to ensure sufficient time for review; however, we recommend providing as much advance notice as possible for smooth planning.

What are the Options for Flag Raisings?

  • Guest flags can be flown for up to a maximum of one month to commemorate special events. If there are multiple requests for the same time period, the time will be evenly split between requests.
  • Flag raising ceremonies, photo opportunities, and attendance by elected officials may be coordinated upon request (subject to any public health restrictions). Requests must be submitted at the same time the flag raising request is submitted.
  • Applicants must supply their own flag.

What are the Options for Visual Installations?

The Town will consider one or more of the following options to bring public awareness to a proclaimed event:

  • Lighting of the falls at Springside Park with available colours;
  • Temporary crosswalk art;
  • Temporary painting of picnic tables in public spaces;
  • Other proposals by the requesting organization will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

We encourage applicants to discuss ideas for visual displays with Town staff to see how your event can be celebrated. Please note that applicants will be responsible for all costs related to the installation and removal of the display. 

What Events will be Considered for a Proclamation and/or Flag Raising?

Proclamations are a formal declaration, supported by Council and signed by the Mayor, intended to bring public awareness and education for:

  • Civic Promotions;
  • Charitable Fundraising Campaigns;
  • Arts & Cultural Celebrations or Awareness;
  • Multicultural Awareness;
  • Health and Public Service Initiatives;
  • Honours, Remembrance or Major Celebrations;
  • Special Anniversaries for Non-Profit Organizations that Benefit Communities

What Events will not be Considered for a Proclamation and/or Flag Raising?

Proclamations will not be considered for the following: 

  • Matters of political controversy, religious beliefs or individual convictions;
  • Requests related to a discriminatory cause;
  • Requests where the intent is contrary to Town’s policies or by-laws;
  • Requests attempting to influence government policy or that are intended for profitmaking purposes.

How will Proclamation and/or Flag Raising Requests be Reviewed?

Requests for proclamations and/or flag raisings will be reviewed by the Clerk to confirm that they meet the eligibility criteria of the Town’s policy. If the request does not comply with the policy, the Clerk will advise the applicant in writing.

Proclamations and/or flag raisins that meet all eligibility criteria will be placed on the agenda for the next regular Council meeting under Correspondence for Action for endorsement. If an event has previously been endorsed within the same term of Council, the Clerk may approve proclamation request and will place the request on the next regular Council agenda for information.

Once approved, proclamations will be placed on the Town’s website and will remain listed for the remainder of the year in which the proclamation was endorsed. The applicant is responsible for any additional costs to promote or advertise the proclamation. 

How will Requests for Visual Installations be Reviewed?

Requests for installations will be reviewed by all relevant Town departments to assess the impacts on Town operations and the feasibility and coordination of the proposal. The proposal may also be circulated to affected external agencies for comment. The Town may impose standards related to time limits, locations, materials, and appearance of the installation.

Once an installation plan has been agreed upon, the proposal will be submitted to the next regular Council meeting under Correspondence for Action for endorsement. 

Regular meetings of Council and Committees of Council are open to the public. Members of the public may request to appear as a deputation before Council or Committees of Council to address issues they feel are of importance to the community.

To appear before Council or a Committee of Council, you must submit a Deputation Request Form to the Town Clerk by 12:00 p.m. the Wednesday prior to the meeting at which you wish to appear.

Unless otherwise advised, regular Council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. 

For Council and Committee Agendas and Minutes, please see our Agendas and Minutes page.

For information in alternate formats, please contact Hollie Knapp-Fisher

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