Arts and Culture

We have a thriving creative scene that contributes to a vibrant and exciting community for both residents and visitors.

Stay up-to-date on our Arts & Culture scene by visiting the Arts & Culture Advisory Committee of Greater Napanee Facebook page.

Visual Arts

The visual arts, created by our talented artists, ranging from painting to wood carving are often displayed in our local businesses, public spaces, galleries and special events throughout the Town.


Music of all genres and styles is being composed, recorded and performed throughout the community by gifted musicians and songwriters of all ages and backgrounds.

Ellena's Café and The Old Church Theatre host the popular Starstop Concert Series. Audiences can gather and enjoy musical guests from all over the globe as well as our own gifted musicians as they perform in a welcoming setting.


Check out our Events and Festivals page for information on our Music by the River event.



Greater Napanee has multiple dance studios, as well as a booming community theatre group that are constantly amazing and entertaining audiences.

 Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

The volunteer Advisory Committee's mandate is to promote arts and culture within the community and to help market the talents of our town regionally, provincially and beyond. 

 Municipal Arts and Culture Awards

This annual awards program recognizes outstanding contributions to arts and culture in our community including literary, musical, performance and visual arts.

  • Arts Educator of the Year
  • Established Artist of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement - Group
  • Lifetime Achievement - Individual
  • Outstanding Event
  • Patron of the Arts
  • Student Artist of the Year
 'Pallet'able Art Program

The 'Pallet'able Art Program is a venture to introduce more art and beauty into our community. Local artists paint on wooden industrial pallets which are displayed around Greater Napanee for everyone to enjoy! View the artwork completed to-date on our 'Pallet'able Art Program page.

 Communities in Bloom
Greater Napanee is a huge supporter of keeping the environment clean and beautiful. Visit our Communities in Bloom page for information on the program within the Town of Greater Napanee.

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