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Museum and Heritage

Our history and heritage is a major part of our Town's culture. We are home to many museums and historical sites that showcase our rich past.

Allan Macpherson House

Built in 1826, this historic home now operates as a museum, continuously hosting a number of activities and events open to the public every year. It stands as one of the County's finest examples of early 19th century architecture. For more information, please visit the Allan Macpherson House website.

County of Lennox & Addington Museum and Archives

The changing exhibits displayed at the Museum allow visitors to step into the County's past, while the papers and documents found in the reading room of the Archives inspire guests to dive into their own family's history as well as the Town's. The Museum also hosts many events for people of all ages to enjoy. For more information, please visit the County of Lennox and Addington Museum and Archives website.

Old Hay Bay Church

Situated in Adolphustown, Canada's oldest surviving Methodist Church was built in 1792. It now operates as a museum but still hosts an annual service in August.

St. Alban's Centre

St. Alban’s, constructed in 1884, has a rich past as a church built to commemorate the Centennial of the landing of the United Empire  Loyalists in Adolphustown.  

Today St. Alban’s Centre has a promising future as a community resource hosting tours, events, and a small outdoor cafe in a unique, heritage building.  

Located on the Loyalist Parkway in the hamlet of Adolphustown, we invite you to drop by and experience St. Alban’s Centre.
To learn more, please visit St. Alban's Centre's website.

UEL Heritage Centre and Park

Located at the place where the first United Empire Loyalists landed in 1784, the historical building and surrounding land are now a museum and camping ground perfect for all ages. For more information, please visit the UEL Heritage Centre and Park website.

The Town of Greater Napanee has a Heritage Building Plaquing Program with a goal of providing a granite plaque for all heritage designated buildings or properties. If you're interested in having a building or landmark site plaqued within the Town of Greater Napanee, please fill out our Heritage Plaquing Program form.

The Ontario Heritage Act requires us to keep a register of designated and non-designated properties that have cultural heritage value or interest under the Municipal Heritage Register.


Individually designated heritage properties

To qualify for a heritage designation, a property, district or landscape must have historic and architectural value for the community, and maybe also for society in general.

A property is researched by the Municipal Heritage Committee to evaluate its historical significance. Designations come to Council in the form of a by-law, which is registered on the property's title.

The Town reserves the right to change or modify the register and its contents at any time without notice.

Non-designated properties

A non-designated property of cultural heritage value is put on the Municipal Heritage Register following a four-step process:

  • Evaluation of the property
  • Review of the property by the Municipal Heritage Committee
  • Public/property owner consultation
  • Council's approval

What does listing a non-designated property do?

  • Increases the amount of time municipalities have to process demolition applications made under the Ontario Building Code (from 10 to 60 business days depending on the type of building), leaving enough time to see whether the property can be put under some form of protection, such as designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Relates to Planning Act applications (such as site plans and plans of subdivision) and the provincial policy statement regarding conservation issues that may be addressed by preparing a heritage impact assessment or a conservation plan.
  • Does not provide any protection under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Ensures property owners are not subject to the heritage review, and they do not have to obtain Council approval to make changes to their properties.

The Municipal Heritage Committee is a volunteer, advisory and consultative committee established to:

  • Advise and assist in community heritage matters
  • Encourage and promote heritage awareness, conservation and preservation within the municipality
  • Establish partnerships with other heritage and community organizations

Please see our Committees & Boards page for more information. 

To learn more about local history, see our Historic Walking Tour.

Do you have your own story about living or visiting in Greater Napanee? Share your stories with us!

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