Committees and Boards

Town of Greater Napanee's Council has a number of advisory committees, boards and task forces that help our community meet goals and prepare for the future. 

Committees of Council

Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Please contact the Town Clerk for a copy of the Greater Napanee Business Improvement Area (BIA) Constitution and Procedures.

Please visit the Napanee BIA website for information on this committee. 

Committee of Adjustment
The Committee of Adjustment is authorized by the Ontario Planning Act. to handle minor variances, legal non-conforming uses and consent/land severance applications.

The current Committee of Adjustment is comprised of all of Council. Please take a look at our Committee of Adjustment By-law.

The Committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 6:45 p.m. as required in the Council Chambers (accessible by lift), upstairs in the Town Hall, 124 John Street, Napanee, ON.

Please see our Meeting Agendas and Minutes Portal page for more information. 

Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC)

CDAC is formed from a diverse group of citizens to look at the future development needs of the Town of Greater Napanee. CDAC is encouraged to discuss and investigate matters in all geographical areas of the community.

The CDAC focuses on:

  • Improving the opportunities for development by identifying challenges and informing recommendations on funding research
  • Creating public awareness
  • Implementing Council approved strategies within two main pillars of focus: Economic Development and Quality of Life.
  • Investigating potential partnership agencies to make recommendations on effective use of resources. 


2019-2022 CDAC Committee Members

2019-2022 CDAC Committee Members:

  • Catherine Musselman
  • Emma Griffin
  • Madison Hendry-Parr
  • Richard Pringle
  • Benjamin Atkins
  • George Lyons
  • Jason McDonald
  • Mike Sewell
  • William Neville
  • Council Appointees: Dave Pinnell Jr., Councillor - Ward 3 & John McCormack, Councillor - Ward 1

Please see our Meeting Agendas and Minutes Portal page for more information. 

Community Physician Recruitment Committee

In 2017, Greater Napanee Council adopted the community planning document, “Our Home to Grow and Prosper”, which clearly identifies strategic projects for 2018 and beyond. Based on significant public input, health care and access to a Family Physician was identified as a strategic priority. To address these concerns and address this need, Council established the Community Physician Recruitment Committee (CPRC).

The Committee is chaired by a member of Greater Napanee Town Council with representation from:

  • The County of Lennox & Addington
  • The Lennox & Addington County General Hospital
  • The Lennox & Addington County General hospital Foundation
  • A local family physician
  • Town of Greater Napanee staff

This multi-jurisdictional approach recognizes the strengths of the various levels of governments and community health care providers when working together.  The goal is to provide a local health care system which meets the current and future needs of the residents.

The role of the CPRC includes:

  • A review of the community's health care needs in terms of access to family physicians
  • Identifying challenges faced relating to physician recruitment
  • A better understanding of the health care regulatory system
  • Investigating potential partnerships to minimize financial impacts
  • Providing recommendations to Greater Napanee Council regarding physician recruitment

Please see our Meeting Agendas and Minutes Portal page for more information. 

Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee (JAAC)

The JAAC is administered through the County of Lennox and Addington and advises the Councils of the County of Lennox and Addington, the Township of Addington Highlands, the Town of Greater Napanee, Loyalist Township, the Township of Stone Mills and the Board of Governors of Lennox and Addington County General Hospital on the preparation and implementation of annual accessibility plans in order to remove barriers for people with disabilities and ensure that no new barriers are created.

The roles of the JAAC includes reviewing and advising the Councils and the Hospital Board on the following areas:

  • Site plans of new and existing municipal buildings
  • Major capital purchases
  • Significant renovations to municipal facilities
  • Leased facilities or any other facility used as a municipal building
  • Goods and services provided by the municipality or agents providing services under contract with the municipality

For more information, please see the County of Lennox and Addington's website.


Waste Diversion Committee 

The purpose of the Waste Diversion Committee is to assist and make recommendations to Council on the matters relating to the future of various aspects of solid waste within the Town of Greater Napanee. 

Members will assist staff in researching existing and future needs, creating a public consultation plan, and developing detailed recommendations for the future of Waste Diversion within Greater Napanee.

For more information, please see the Waste Diversion Committee's Terms of Reference.

Staff Contact: Kristie Kelly; 613-776-1036.

Municipal Heritage Committee

The Municipal Heritage Committee is a volunteer, advisory and consultative committee established to:

  • Advise and assist in community heritage matters
  • Encourage and promote heritage awareness, conservation and preservation within the municipality
  • Establish partnerships with other heritage and community organizations
2019-2022 Municipal Heritage Committee Members

2019-2022 Municipal Heritage Committee Members:

  • Michael Armagost
  • Jenn Best
  • Lisa Bird
  • Ashley Cameron
  • Sylvia Cowhey
  • Victoria Maitland
  • Council Appointee: Terry Richardson, Councillor - Ward 2

Staff Contact: Brianna Clement; 613-776-1122

Please see our Meeting Agendas and Minutes Portal page for more information. 

For information on Greater Napanee's Heritage, please visit our Museum & Heritage page.

Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee

This committee promotes arts and culture within the community and helps market the talents of our Town regionally, provincially and beyond. For more information, please see our Arts and Culture page.


2019-2022 Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee Members

2019-2022 Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee Members:

  • Michelle Dorey Forestell, Chair
  • Alison Clark, Vice Chair 
  • Eleanor (Ellie) Callery
  • Marg Wood
  • Andrea Loring Bonser
  • Jennifer Collins
  • Michael Armagost
  • Tim Nimigan
  • Pat Dubyk
  • Carl Godfrey
  • C.A. Cavers
  • Grace T. Abrena
  • Suzanne Peters
  • Laurie McBurney
  • Council Appointee: Deputy Mayor Max Kaiser

Staff Contact: Brandt Zatterberg, 613-776-1111

Please see our Meeting Agendas and Minutes Portal page for more information. 

Aquatics Committee

The Aquatics Committee is an Advisory Committee of Council. Members will assist staff in researching matters related to aquatics in Greater Napanee.

If you're interested in viewing any of the Aquatics Committee Reports or the Aquatics Committee's Terms of Reference, please contact Brianna Clement at 613-776-1122

2019-2022 Aquatics Committee Members

2019-2022 Aquatics Committee Members:

  • Casey Wells
  • Deb Lowry
  • Mary Woods
  • Nicole Martin
  • Richard Christie
  • Council Appointee: Dave Pinnell Jr., Councillor - Ward 3

Staff Contact: Brandt Zatterberg, 613-776-1111

Please see our Meeting Agendas and Minutes Portal page for more information. 

Property Standards Committee

The Town of Greater Napanee's Property Standards By-Law regulates the maintenance and occupancy of both buildings and property within the Town and is enforced by the Development Services (Building) department. 


Where a property owner is not satisfied with the terms of a Property Standards Order, he/she may appeal to the Property Standards Committee. The Committee is composed of Members of Council and meets on an as-needed basis. 

Please note: The Town of Greater Napanee no longer has a Police Services Board.

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