Financial Services

Financial Services Departmental Responsibilities

  • the administration of taxes;
  • water and wastewater billing;
  • accounts payable & receivable;
  • financial statements; and
  • and all other financial information and reporting for the Town.

Director of Finance/Treasurer - Information regarding: budgeting - operating and capital, Financial Information Return (FIR), capital projects, borrowing and investing

Deputy Treasurer - Information regarding: payroll, payroll benefits, tax billing, taxes, OPTA, reconciliations, reserve funds, PSAB requirements, year-end audit

Tax Clerk - Information regarding: taxes, EFT banking inquiries, tax sales, supplementary, omits, ARB, vacancy rebates, special charges, monthly/annual tax account balancing

Accounts Payable/ Receivable Clerk - Information regarding: accounts payable, accounts receivable, HST and bi-weekly payroll

Revenue Receipts Representative - Information regarding: tax preauthorized payment plans, mortgage company update information, ownership changes, real estate inquiries, accounts receivable inquiries

Water and Wastewater Billing Clerk - Information regarding: water and sewer billings, property sales, utility preauthorized payment plan, water restorations/terminations and non-payment inquires

Water and Wastewater Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk - Information regarding: water and wastewater accounts payable, water and wastewater billing and payment inquires

For detailed information about property taxes, see our Property Taxes page.

For detailed information about water and wastewater billing, see our Water Billing page.

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