Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

A Message from Greater Napanee's CAO, John Pinsent:

The CAO is responsible to Council to administer the business affairs of the community in accordance with the policies and plans established and approved by Council. I have the responsibility to provide the highest quality professional advice on behalf of the administration to Council, to enable informed decision making, to mitigate risk and to ensure successful implementation of Council’s direction. I am accountable to the Mayor and Council.

 There are five General Managers who report directly to the CAO:

  • Community and Corporate Services (Deputy CAO)
  • Emergency Services (Fire)
  • Finance
  • Growth and Expansion
  • Infrastructure

These General Managers plus the Director of Legislative Services (Municipal Clerk), the Executive Assistant to the CAO and the Director of Human Resources make up the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the Town of Greater Napanee. This core group helps me makes decisions, ensures I have the pulse of the organization and communicates to the rest of the organization.

Over the course of 2022, we have taken on many foundational projects, some of which were in progress when I arrived and others that were initiated with the new team. These projects included:

  • A Strategic Plan
  • A Recreation Master Plan
  • A Compensation Review
  • Building Condition Assessments
  • First Phase of an Asset Management Plan

We have also, with the support of council, purchased a new administration building which will house the core administration staff of the Town of Greater Napanee. Over the course of 2023 we will refine our service standards and develop processes to better service residents from one central location. The departure of the finance staff from 124 John Street creates opportunities to reimagine the full-time use of this building, in addition to its full-time function as council chambers on the second floor.

We will continue to develop a high performing team. A team which can provide advice to Council and implement Council direction. A team capable of responding in an effective and efficient manner to all residents of Greater Napanee. It is our job to deliver results for residents. 

I look forward to the challenges which lay ahead and the work we are about to take on for all residents of Greater Napanee.  The foundational elements have been completed. With a new council and a new plan, staff are excited to get on with it.


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