Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

A Message from Greater Napanee's CAO, John Pinsent:


The CAO is responsible to Council to administer the business affairs of the community in accordance with the policies and plans established and approved by Council. I have the responsibility to provide the highest-quality professional advice on behalf of the administration to Council, to enable informed decision making, to mitigate risk and to ensure successful implementation of Council’s direction. I am accountable to the Mayor and Council.


There are four General Managers who report directly to the CAO: Infrastructure, Finance, Emergency Services (Fire) and Community and Corporate Services. These General Managers, plus the Municipal Clerk make up the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the Town of Greater Napanee.


In this, my first year as CAO, I will strive to build on the successes of the past and establish a well functioning team.  A team which can provide advice to Council and implement Council direction. The team will also respond in an effective and efficient manner to all residents of Greater Napanee. It is our job to deliver results for residents. 

I look forward to meeting all the stakeholders of Greater Napanee.  There are many exciting projects which have been discussed in recent years, from the formulation of a strategic plan to the possible construction of recreational facilities to a new administration building capable of housing all municipal employees.  There is lots to do.


I encourage all residents to watch for opportunities to get involved in some of these exciting projects.



Greater Napanee's Strategic Plan
Our Community Consultation Process has been completed. On September 26, 2017, Council adopted the Town's Strategic Plan "Our Home to Grow and Prosper: Strategic Projects for 2018 and Beyond".

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