Asset Management Plan

In 2022, Town of Greater Napanee Council adopted an updated Asset Management Plan as a responsible and accountable action for the long-term planning, maintenance and eventual replacement of its capital infrastructure needs. Asset management is one of the most important responsibilities of a municipality as its infrastructure provides essential services to the community. 

The Town is responsible for a diverse array of capital assets. These include:

  • Linear infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, trails, water, wastewater and storm water management;
  • Buildings including recreation facilities, fire halls, water, wastewater treatment facilities and municipal offices;
  • Land improvements such as sports fields, playgrounds, parks, and parking lots;
  • Vehicles and equipment including fire trucks, plows, excavators, loaders, graders, ice resurfacing machines and mowers.

Next Steps

Future updates will follow and will be ongoing to include all other Town assets and ensure that the plan remains up to date in consideration of newly acquired, constructed, or redeveloped assets. 

The Town's Strategic Asset Management Policy was approved in 2019.

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