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Hydrant Flushing Information & Schedule

The hydrants within our Municipal Drinking Water Systems are flushed at a minimum of once per year. Our Infrastructure Services Department flush water mains and test fire hydrants throughout the spring and summer season. 

Please note: This work may cause rust coloured water to appear from taps at or near the area of work. If this occurs, remove the aerator from the tap and let the water run for a few minutes, after which it should run clear. After it is running clear, replace the aerator.


The 2021 Water Main Flushing has been completed.

Water Billing and Payment Options

Meter reading and billing takes place on a bi-monthly frequency within Greater Napanee. To make a payment, see Pay My Water Bill 

Don't understand your bill? See how your Water and Wastewater Bill is calculated.

Interested to see our rates? Take a look at the 2021 Rate Schedule Summary and previous years' Rate Schedule Summaries.

Having trouble visualizing your water usage? See our Cubic Metre Comparison.  

2021 Utilities Billing Schedule 

The 2021 Utilities Billing Schedule provides the 'Issued By' and 'Payment Due' dates for 2021. 


Meters Read BetweenBills Issued ByPayment Due

February 8 - 19

February 26

March 29

April 12 - 23 April 30 May 27
June 14 - 25 June 30 July 28
August 9 - 20 August 31 September 28
October 11 - 22 October 29 November 26
December 6 - 17 January 3, 2022 January 27, 2022

Turning Water On/Off

If you are looking to turn your water on or off, please contact Lesa O'Toole, Utilities Billing Clerk, at 613-776-1034


If you are moving into or out of a property in Napanee that is on municipal services, please complete the information form to set up or close out your account. If you are moving from one property to another on services within Napanee, please complete both forms.

Please see our Moving In Utilities Form

Please see our Moving Out Utilities Form

Tenant Accounts

Residential tenant properties in the Town of Greater Napanee remain in the owner's name. At the owner's request, bills can be redirected to a tenant but will remain in the owner's name. Please email Lesa O'Toole, Utilities Billing Clerk or call 613-776-1034 for further information.

Water and Sewer Issues and Emergencies

For questions or concerns about water and sewer systems, within regular business hours, contact the office at 613-354-3351 or fill out an Report an Issue form.

Report a Water or Sewer Issue

In the event of after hours emergencies like water main breaks and sewer backups, please call the on-call number at 1-800-342-6442

Potable Water Filling Stations 

The Town of Greater Napanee operates 3 potable water fillings stations that are available to residents.

Small Potable Water Filling Station 
Small Service StationThe small potable water filling station was designed for filling small containers, approximately 20L (5 gal.) or less. This free potable water is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The filling station is located at 75 East Street in Napanee, on the North Side of the A.L. Dafoe Water Purification Plant. 
Medium Potable Water (Coin-Operated) Filling Station
Medium Service StationThe medium potable water filling station is intended for filling containers smaller than 4.5m³ (1000 gal.). The cost for this service is $2.00 for 1000L (220 gal.) Users must supply their own hose and fittings which is necessary to connect to the station. This filling station is located at 75 East Street in Napanee, on the South side of the A.L. Dafoe Water Purification Plant.
Large Potable Water Filling Station 
large service stationThe large potable water filling station is for filling large quantities of bulk water and is located at 57 Enviro Park Lane in Napanee. To use this filling station, an account must be set up. If you are interested in setting up an account, you can call 613-354-9338 or visit the Town Hall for more information. The large or ‘bulk’ filling station is typically used by bulk water haulers and various contractors.

The Infrastructure Services Department provides a reliable supply of clean, safe drinking water to homes and businesses within the communities of Napanee and Sandhurst Shores. Wastewater generated in Napanee is collected through the sanitary sewer system and sent via underground piping to the Napanee Water Pollution Control Plant for processing and treatment.

Our Operators are responsible for the operation and maintenance of:

  • Two water treatment plants and associated equipment
  • Two water distribution systems including, water towers/tanks, watermains, valves, hydrants, pumping stations and three potable water filling stations
  • One wastewater treatment facility
  • One sanitary sewer collection system including piping, sewer mains and sewage lift stations

Please see our Greater Napanee Utilities, Water and Sewer Services Charges Operating and Capital Budget By-law

Other Utilities

Having some trouble finding contact information for your utility company? The resources below may help.

Natural Gas

The Town of Greater Napanee does not provide natural gas services to our residents. If you are a Union Gas customer or are looking to become one, visit them online or call 1-888-774-3111.


The Town of Greater Napanee does not provide electricity services to our residents.
If you are a Hydro One customer or are looking to become one, visit the Hydro One website or call 1-888-664-9376.

Telephone, Internet, Cable and Satellite

Bell Canada


Shaw Direct

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