Downtown Business Improvement Area (BIA)

A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a "made-in-Ontario" innovation that allows local business people and commercial property owners and tenants to join together and, with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance, and carry out physical improvements and promote economic development in their district. (Source: Ontario Handbook).

Napanee BIA "Downtown Our Town"

Just south of the 401 Highway lays the heart of one of Ontario's prettiest little towns! 

The Napanee BIA was established in 1978 by Napanee Town Council. The association is governed by a volunteer Board of Management chosen from the general membership and approved by Town Council. Council also appoints a Council representative to serve on the board and act as a liaison between the BIA and Town Council. The term of office on the Board of Management coincides with the terms of Council.

Our membership is passionate about their downtown business community. The BIA works in partnership with the membership, Town Council and other stakeholders to ensure downtown Greater Napanee continues to be a dynamic area of great shopping, dining, professional services, cultural opportunities and architectural interest.

Napanee offers small-town appeal with a rich history, as is revealed by a visit or viewing of our heritage buildings dotting the local landscape. Greater Napanee has a population of 15,000 and is located halfway between Kingston and Belleville. A stopover in Napanee is made even more convenient due to our parking policy: it's free! 

For more details, please visit the Napanee BIA. We hope you enjoy your visit to downtown, our town!

Town of Greater Napanee By-law No. 231-78 - A By-law to Designate an Improvement Area in the Town of Greater Napanee

Whereas Section 361 of the Municipal Act, Chapter 284. R.S.O. 1970, as amended, provides that a Municipal Council may pass a By-law to designate an area as an improvement area;
And Whereas it is deemed desirable to designate a certain area in the Town of Greater Napanee as an improvement area;
And Whereas notice was sent to every person occupying or using land for the purpose of, or in connection with, any business in the said area, of the intention of Council to pass this By-law;
And Whereas no petition objecting to the passing of this By-law has been received by the Clerk;

Be it Enacted by the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Greater Napanee that:

  1. The area bounded on the West by West Street from the Napanee River to Bridge Street, on the North one lot north of Bridge Street from West Street to the CNR overpass on the South and East by the Napanee River from the CNR overpass to West Street as shown on "Schedule A" in the By-law hereto be and is hereby designated as an Improvement Area.
  2. This By-law shall come info effect upon approval of the Ontario Municipal Board.

For more information, you can request a copy of the complete Town of Greater Napanee By-law No. 231-71 - Designate an improvement Area (BIA) and the Greater Napanee Business Improvement (BIA) Constitutions and Procedures by contacting the Town Clerk at 343-302-5238.

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