Share Your Stories

Whether you're a life-long resident or frequently visit the Town of Greater Napanee, we all have a story to tell about this community. We want to hear what you think makes Greater Napanee's history and heritage "Greater for Many Reasons!" Share your stories with us!

We are interested in your personal stories or knowledge about:

  • Buildings and monuments
  • Streetscapes and landscapes
  • Bridges and railway stations
  • Cemeteries
  • History and Heritage
  • Historic, cultural and community events
  • Archaeological sites
  • Artifacts, documents and photographs
  • Stories and folktales
  • Traditional arts, crafts and skills
  • Property and places
  • Fascinating people

Please note that these stories don't have to be 'old'. Photo submissions are strongly encouraged!

Submit & Share Your Stories 

Please note that by sharing your story and/or photos, you are granting the Town of Greater Napanee permission to share your story and/photos publicly via the Town's website and social media outlets. 

For more information, please contact Brianna Clement at 613-776-1122

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