Our Town has over 60 known cemeteries. For a list of all known cemeteries in the community, please visit the Ontario Genealogical Society's Digital Collections & Library Catalogue.

All inquiries, plot purchases, and burials for Riverside (Eastern), Riverview (Western), and Roblin Cemeteries are done through the Town. The Town is not liable nor responsible for any work done in Riverside Cemetery (located at 334 Church Street, Napanee) or Riverview Cemetery (located at 336 Dundas Street West, Napanee) prior to May 19, 2020 and not prior to May 1, 2022 for work done in Roblin Cemetery (located at 3136 County Road 41, Roblin). For more information, please email Chelsie Bowen. Below is the information available for any of the Cemeteries that the Town operates: 

Arranging a Burial 

Please contact the Community & Corporate Services office at 613-354-3351 or email Chelsie Bowen to arrange a burial.

What Documents are Needed to Arrange a Burial? 

1. Burial Permit or Cremation Certificate - please provide the original copy of the cremation certificate

2. Order of Interment (Authorization)

3. Applicable fees must be paid before a burial can take place


Please note that the Town reserves the right to request any supporting documentation that may be necessary to establish your right to authorize a burial or interment or to verify the interment rights. 

Who Can Arrange a Burial? 
The Interment Rights holder, also known as the plot owner, must provide written authorization or Order for Interment Form before a burial can take place. If the owner is deceased, the person(s) authorized to act on their behalf must provide the authorization. That is usually the Estate Executor, spouse, or adult children. 
Burial Rights and Burial Records

You can:

  • Register your interment rights
  • Transfer your interment rights to someone else
  • Ensure your interment rights are held jointly to provide continuity
  • Confirm or correct any historic burial records we hold 

Riverview Columbarium A - At Capacity 

Riverview Columbarium B - Niches Available 

Riverside Columbarium - Coming Soon - Get your name on the Waiting List!


Each Niche is 12"x12"x12" and can hold up to 2 urns.


For costs, please see the Price List.

Note that the prices differ depending on the level you choose

Important Forms / Documents
 Monument Information

For monument installation, please follow these steps:

1. Contact a monument company of your choosing

2. Fill out the Monument Installation or Addition Request Form and attach the drawing of the proposed stone

3. Email the completed form to Chelsie Bowen for approval

4. Once approved, the monument company will contact the Town for the appropriate location for installation

5. Depending on the size of the monument you are purchasing, there may be a fee for Care and Maintenance

6. For information on sizing that is permitted, please see the Town's Cemetery By-law (Section 8 for Monuments and Markers)


Foundation Installation Agreement 

Any questions on any of these steps can be directed to Chelsie Bowen.

Price List

2022 Cemetery Price List

2023 Cemetery Price List

How to Become a Cemetery Volunteer 
We're always looking for volunteers who are willing to help with cemetery maintenance and upkeep.
Please see our Volunteer page to register as a cemetery volunteer. 
Please contact Chelsie Bowen at 613-776-1103.
Contacts for Other Cemeteries in Greater Napanee 

We are able to provide the available contacts for the following cemeteries:

Find A Grave is a good resource for more research.

Information on the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) and Its Authority Regarding Cemeteries 

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) handles complaints pursuant to the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002(FBCSA). While the BAO attempts to resolve disputes wherever possible, the parties are encouraged to discuss their concerns before proceeding through the BAO’s complaint process.

Please expect to answer the following questions if you choose to fill out an online complaint form through the BAO:

  • Personal Contact Details
  • Service Provider/Business Details
  • Describe Your Concern

Pursuant to section 66 of the FBCSA, in handling complaints, the Registrar may do any of the following, as appropriate:

  • Attempt to mediate or resolve the complaint
  • Give the licensee a written warning
  • Require the licensee to attend a specified educational program
  • Refer the matter to the discipline committee

Please note: the Registrar cannot award damages or require refunds or discounts where services and/or merchandise have been provided. 

Consumer protection in a marketplace that is safe, secure and professional, is a priority for the Bereavement Authority of Ontario. As a regulator, the organization depends on the information and feedback provided by consumers and stakeholders to enhance service standards and identify learning opportunities for the sector.

In Ontario, all licensed bereavement service providers are required to comply with the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002, and Ontario Regulation 30/11.


For more information on the administration of cemeteries in Ontario, see the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act or contact the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO)


List of Cemeteries Under the Town's Operator Licence 

Town of Greater Napanee Cemetery List

 For more information, please see the Town's Cemetery By-law.

Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals Certification

Cemetery locations are offered based on best known information, please respect that some sites are located on private lands and in these cases please speak with the appropriate municipality for access details. 

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