Arts and Culture

Male Performer Fire Breathing At Conservation Park

The arts and culture are hugely significant to the lifeblood of any community.  The Town of Greater Napanee is privileged to have a thriving creative community which contributions to an excellent quality of life our residents.

The visual arts are well represented by a host of talented individuals who display their work in local businesses, public spaces, galleries and special events throughout the Town.  The range of media and skill level is diverse, vibrant and ranges from painting, sculpting, fabric art, to glass work, wood carving, metalwork, photography and much more!

Music of all genres and styles is being composed, recorded and performed throughout the community by gifted musicians and songwriters of all ages and backgrounds.  Pubs, halls, churches, restaurants, municipal buildings and our public parks are frequently enlivened by the melodious sounds of both local and touring professional musicians who see Greater Napanee as a true cultural destination.

Besides music, Greater Napanee is fortunate to have numerous dance studios, as well as a thriving community theatre group, and plays host to many festivals and special events that often incorporate arts and culture elements, providing for an immersive, fun and colourful time.  The Town is fortunate to also have a burgeoning literary community with growing numbers of poets, playwrights and novelists being published.

Creativity in all its forms is celebrated and encouraged in Greater Napanee.

As a way to help facilitate growth within the arts and culture sector, and begin to use this resource as both a community and economic development driver, in 2014 Council brought in a consultant to create a cultural assets map as well as an arts and culture master plan.  One of the primary recommendations of that plan was the development of a Municipal Arts and Culture Advisory Committee - the first one of its kind in Greater Napanee's history.

This was done and officially established with unanimous approval of a motion by Council.

The Advisory Committee's mandate is to promote arts and culture within the community but also to help market the talents of our Town regionally, provincially and beyond.  For more information on this committee, please click on this LINK. The goal is to ensure that people far and wide know that Greater Napanee is a community that believes in the importance of arts and culture.

Arts and culture are inextricably linked to the Town of Greater Napanee's exciting and storied past.  The built heritage features impressive heritage architecture, as well as recently renovated County Museum and the impressive Allan Macpherson House historic home.  We are fortunate with a downtown that is alive with both innovation and a deeply-held respect of the Town's significant commercial past - both of these facets are represented in the class and elegance of the entire downtown core thanks to conscientious and community minded business owners.

Below you will find the Cultural Asset Map for Greater Napanee, which features much of what has been discussed above.  To navigate the map, zoom in and click on the 'pin' for more information on a particular site.

Greater Napanee features top-line health care programs, practitioners and facilities, excellent schools and recreation properties, a thriving downtown and business community and an unparalleled quality of life that appeals to those who like small-town rural living, with all the amenities of much larger centres.

The growing significance of the arts and cultural community only adds to the Town's appeal as a destination for visitors, new residents and new investors.

It truly is a place to call home.

Please click here to see the Cultural Plan.

Culture Map of Greater Napanee


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