Water Billing

See our Water and Wastewater Billing Schedule (PDf).

See how your Water and Wastewater Bill (PDF) is calculated.

See our 2017 Rate Schedule Summary (PDF).

Having trouble visualizing your water usage? See our cubic metre comparison.  

Bill Payment Options

Pre-Authorized PaymentsPre-authorized payments can be set up at our office by providing us with your banking information and signing our pre-authorized payment form (PDF) Internet.

For all banks use your account number. Be careful to always use your "account number" and NOT your "customer number".

If you have an online banking account with any financial institution, you should be able to pay your Greater Napanee Utilities bill online.

Telephone Banking

Payments are forwarded to us the next day by fax from your bank.


Please return the top portion of your bill with your payment.

Payment at our office by cash, cheque or debit

Bring your bill with you so we can process your payment quickly.

Payment at bank - Teller or ATM

Please be aware that this type of payment can take from two to three weeks to reach us depending on the bank you use.