Reports, Strategic Plans and Publications

Over time the community has worked with a number of consultants, business, public agencies and volunteer committees to prepare reports and publications that will assist with the development or accomplishment of strategic priorities within Greater Napanee.

The following reports are listed for public review and general information. The Town of Greater Napanee takes no responsibility nor can we be held accountable for any information obtained within, or results occurring from your interpretation of the documents.

2016 Taxation Policy Review Committee Report Public Review and Comment Document - March 2, 2016

2016 Taxation Policy Review Committee Final Report - June 2016


Asset Management Plan - December 2013


See our Accessibility page for our Accessibility Plan.

See our Financial Reports page for Financial Information Returns and Consolidated Financial Statements.

See our Economic Development page for the Core Area Advisory Funding Report.

See our Fees and Reports page for Development Services Construction Reporting.

See our Fire Chief's Message page to see our Fire Master Plan

See our Drinking Water page for our Annual Reports.

Showcasing Water Innovation Case Study

Showcasing Water Innovation Case Study (French Version)

Showcasing Water Innovation (SWI) Final Report