The Town has developed a purchasing policy in order to ensure that our purchases are open and transparent, and that qualified vendors have equal access to bidding. Vendors may wish to reference our Purchasing By-law (PDF). The By-law provided is for reference purposes, and may be updated from time to time by Council. For specific questions regarding tenders for a particular transaction, vendors should speak directly to the staff member responsible.

Tenders and Requests for Proposals

In general, the majority of tender openings will be done as part of a public process. Bidders and the general public will normally be able to attend the opening. Staff will only provide the names of bidders and the overall bid to the public after an opening. All other information will not be released until such time as Council has made a final decision with regard to the process. However, Council reserves the right, for specific openings, to restrict the process if warranted.

The Town has the following Prequalification of General/Mechanical Contractors available at this time: 

Town of Greater Napanee Project #5370-0117: Pre-qualification of General/Mechanical Contractors for Napanee WPCP for Anaerobic Digester Biogas Upgrades; Deadline for Submission: August 4, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.

Addendum to Project #5370-0117